EB-5 — Why New Mexico?

EB-5 — Why New Mexico?

EB-5 — Why invest your money in New Mexico as opposed to other larger states with bigger cities such as Texas, California or New York? Just because they are bigger, that does not make them better. You have already read on our website the compelling statistics for technology-based business, the educational opportunities, and the potential for economic growth. Logically, New Mexico makes sense. Now learn what it means to live in a place that speaks to your body, your heart, and your soul?

New Mexico is a safe, soft place to land, physically and emotionally. Physically, there is enough space in New Mexico for one person to live every 17 square miles. If you have lived in a busy, crowded environment your entire life, the last move you would want to make is to another busy, crowded environment. Here is where you will re-discover your own personal space, experience speaking to someone who stands 3 feet away from you with no one standing in between.

There is room to think in New Mexico. Think about your future….your family’s future. Think about which way you would like to drive to work today, or whether or not to take the bus, ride your bike, even walk to work. There is room to see in New Mexico. Our wide-open spaces, including our vast, clear sky, will draw you in and you will never want to leave again. You can drive for miles and not see another person, another car, another sign on the side of the road or in the mountains, disrupting a beautiful, color-streaked view.

New Mexico has some of the most beautiful skies on the planet and that is mostly due to the quality of our air. There is fresh air to breathe in New Mexico, and there is a lot of it! Much of New Mexico is at an altitude of 5,000 feet or higher and the air is thin and crisp. Year after year, our New Mexico cities are listed in the top ten of places with the cleanest air. The sun shines through that air about 330 days per year. All of that Vitamin D makes for a lot of happy people living in New Mexico.

New Mexico has the biggest opportunity for economic growth, and your financial portfolio can grow right along with it. Other large cities have already “peaked” and do not have the opportunity for physical economic expansion, as does New Mexico. New Mexico is that “best kept secret” but the word is getting out. There is a reason investUS established its EB-5 regional center in New Mexico. Their driving passion is to do something meaningful, create jobs, transform the New Mexico community, and to change lives. Our team, some of the smartest, most passionate, most forward-thinking individuals in New Mexico, know the value to our state and to investors, of a strong, healthy New Mexico economy, and they are enthusiastic about seeing it thrive.

Let an investUS EB-5 investment opportunity bring you and your family to New Mexico, but allow the beauty of the state, the economic, and social opportunities keep you here, keep you home.

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