The numbers are now available from the National Visa Center on 2015 EB-5 initial applications. Over $8.8 billion was invested in the USA through the EB-5 program last year. This number is up from $5.5 billion in 2014 for a 60% increase year over year.  Under the EB-5 program, each $500,000 investment is used by a US business to create at least 10 new permanent jobs within 2 years.  So within the next 2 years, this $8.8 billion will finance the creation of at least 176,000 new permanent US jobs.

Here is the country by country breakdown of 2015 EB-5 I-526 applications:

China – mainland only    15,830 or 89.6%Deborah-Burns-CEO-investUS

Hong Kong – S.A.R.       254 or 1.4%

Vietnam                        245 or 1.4%

Taiwan                         158 or 0.9%

South Korea                  148 or 0.9%

ALL OTHERS                1,027 or 5.8%.

There are 17,662 EB-5 applications pending approval. While this number may take up to 2 years to get their approval, it is still the fastest way to acquire a green card for qualified accredited investors.

It’s time for New Mexico to access this capital source to fund new job creation throughout our state.  At investUS llc, New Mexico’s premier EB-5 regional center, we are working with the developers of several large projects that will each add hundreds of jobs to their communities.  But to get a share of EB-5 investment capital, we need the US Congress to renew the 25 year old EB-5 program which expires on 9/30/2016 and update the program so it is available to New Mexico projects. Some of the updates I suggest would be most beneficial would be:

  • Increase the number of EB-5 visas from 10,000 per year to at least 25,000 or don’t count the visas for the immediate family members against the 10,000 annual limit.
  • Allow for additional visas to be awarded to the EB-5 program from other visa categories that have not been filled. We budget to have so many new Americans, so let’s fill the gaps with these super qualified investors that support the US economy.
  • Leave the investment amount at $500,000 or phase in the increase over time to avoid any market disruptions. These are the best type of immigrants to America because they bring resources and investment to their new community to make a positive impact on the economy and community.
  • Redirect more EB-5 investment away from the big cities (New York, Miami, Los Angeles) and require more EB-5 investment in more rural states like New Mexico.

Please contact us to learn more about the EB-5 Program at and contact your Senator and US Representative to ask them to support the EB-5 program and our efforts to fund more new permanent jobs in New Mexico.

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