Invest in sound, job-creating businesses to secure green cards for you and your family through the investUS™ EB 5 investment program. Live and prosper in New Mexico, USA, Land of Enchantment.


Chaco Culture National Historical Park hosts massive buildings of ancestral pueblo peoples.



opportunities for Immigrant Investors

investUS™ offers a range of vetted investment opportunities through our EB 5 investment program, with options for the types of industries in which our investors can choose to participate. Currently, investUS is an approved EB-5 Regional Center for the following sectors:

  • agriculture sectors including vegetable and melon farming, nursery and floriculture
  • technology in the areas of software publishing and computer systems design and related services
  • residential treatment facilities, senior living facilities and other residential care facilities

In addition, our EB 5 investment program is teaming with developers of businesses in:

  • industrial waste processing and recycling
  • the film studio industry
  • multi-family residential construction
  • hospitality, including development or redevelopment projects for hotels, restaurants, bars and destination resorts and spas.

Your opportunity to invest in viable, technologically advanced, sustainable industries increases as more investors and business owners learn about New Mexico’s limitless space and intelligence resources. When you invest in job-creating businesses in New Mexico, USA, through the investUS EB 5 investment program, you invest in your family’s future. We understand this and we appreciate your trust. With your continued support, we will expand job-creating opportunities in both New Mexico and in surrounding states, and create more EB-5 investment opportunities for you. Welcome to America.

America is a living, thriving, evolving idea. We are people from around the globe who have come together to live a free, prosperous, multicultural life in the extraordinary place and purpose that is New Mexico, USA. Together, we can help you live this American dream.


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