Our first priority is to represent the interests of the Immigrant Investor. The investUS™ EB 5 investor program delivers services and investments that minimize risk exposure and comply with USCIS requirements.


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services for Immigrant Investors

investUS™, a USCIS approved EB-5 Regional Center, through its EB 5 investor program, provides comprehensive investment services to Immigrant Investors who seek to invest $500,000 in a New Mexico, USA, company. As an approved regional center, investUS™ is responsible for identifying investment opportunities that will comply with the USCIS job creation requirements. This investment will create at least 10 permanent US jobs within two years, and after the permanent Green Card is issued, investUS™ will strive to return the investor’s capital plus the agreed upo preferred return. Through the investUS™ EB 5 investor program, our focus is to represent the interests of the Immigrant Investor by offering investment opportunities that:

  • Minimize risk exposure to the investor
  • Limit the investment requirement to $500,000 per investor by obtaining Targeted Employment Area (TEA) certification
  • Provide each investor with a secure funding structure to document the EB-5 investment
  • Alleviate the investors’ need to have management or business experience
  • Eliminate the need for the investor to speak English

investUS™ meets these investor needs by:

  • Filing periodic reports with USCIS for the benefit of the investor
  • Monitoring and tracking the project company to oversee job creation and return of the capital investment in a timely manner
  • Assisting with the transition to residence in New Mexico and providing recommended service providers and guidance in setting up your home in the US
  • Providing day-to-day investment management
  • Utilizing our best practices and resources for each investment

By working with investUS™ to participate in the EB-5 visa program, your family can:

  • Live, work, retire anywhere in the USA (not just in New Mexico)
  • Attend US schools and universities at the same cost as US residents
  • Work and visit other countries as long as residence is maintained in the US
  • Sponsor relatives for green cards
  • Apply for US citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence in the US

At investUS™, we work with immigration attorneys who have a proven, successful history of compiling EB-5 applications. We work with established EB-5 vendors to make certain you receive excellent services through all aspects of your EB 5 investor program experience. In addition, we are committed to provide each EB-5 investor with the highest level of service and support for their transition to the United States, and especially relocation to the state of New Mexico, USA.

We realize this is a big investment in your family’s future and we appreciate your trust. Through our EB 5 investor program, investUS™ is committed to perform at the highest level. Until recently, New Mexico has had limited EB 5 investor program activity; consequently, we have a wide-range of viable projects throughout our state seeking EB-5 investment. We will invest your funds in a prudent manner designd to create the jobs required to secure you and your family’s permanent green cards, and will make every effort to return your invested capital in a timely manner with the agreed upon preferred financial return.


America is a living, thriving, evolving idea. We are people from around the globe who have come together to live a free, prosperous, multicultural life in the extraordinary place and purpose that is New Mexico, USA. Together, we can help you live this American dream.


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