With less than 2 million people in the 5th largest US state, clean air and 310 days of sunshine, we know how to welcome people and businesses through EB 5 immigration to our state.


UNMHSC Domenici Center for Health Science Education. Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architects



an amazing transformation

Long before EB-5 immigration, New Mexico, USA, has been home to some of the oldest native peoples in North America, and is the first gateway for explorers to the territory that would ultimately become the United States of America. While we live and work in our beautiful state with its incredible, high desert climate, rich cultures, and economy heavily anchored to research and technology, the world barely notices us.

New Mexico is home to the second largest art market in the world, Santa Fe, and rare wonders of the natural world (White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns and many others). We’re home to great scientific discovery, several national laboratories, Spaceport America, and birthplace of innovative people and companies who have changed the world. But we choose to remain out of the limelight to avoid high traffic and a frenetic pace. Through investUS™ EB-5 immigration, our truly undiscovered state is reborn and thriving, quietly, peacefully and beautifully.

New Mexico, USA, is the place to live and breathe the American dream. We are connected globally, evolving economically, building and growing great businesses while shaping our lives to include the best the world has to offer – community, art, culture, quality of life, natural beauty, pristine environment and unlimited opportunity.

Through investUS EB-5 immigration, more people, businesses and investors are choosing New Mexico. With less than 2 million residents in the 5th largest US state, clean, dry air and 330 days of sunshine each year, we know how to welcome new people and businesses to our state. We provide the opportunity for our EB-5 clients to connect with leaders in business, government and education to gain influence and to better succeed in the community. Experience something special and be a part of the EB-5 immigration transformation that is New Mexico, USA.

America is a living, thriving, evolving idea. We are people from around the globe who have come together to live a free, prosperous, multicultural life in the extraordinary place and purpose that is New Mexico, USA. Together, we can help you live this American dream.


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