As an investUS™ EB-5 Immigrant Investor in New Mexico, USA, you will experience the diversity, spirituality and multi-generational family tradition that sustains our rich, Southwestern American culture.


New Mexico, USA, was built on immigrants creating their own dreams and opportunities.



family tradition

New Mexico has been welcoming immigrants for many hundreds of years, long before the investUS™ EB-5 Immigrant Investor program was born. Our state was built on immigrants either passing through or staying and creating their own dreams and opportunities. A wonderful monument to this is Inscription Rock in southwest New Mexico, where travelers stopped more than 400 years ago for water, shade and food, and then inscribed their names for posterity.

Not far from Inscription Rock is Acoma Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited community in America, dating back to 1150 A.D. On the nineteen New Mexico Native American pueblos located throughout our state, many generations live together and continue to pass their homes and land to future generations. Throughout New Mexico, there are traditional family friendly festivals and activities including tribal festivals, harvest festivals, native dances, coming-of-age festivals, Hispanic cultural celebrations, rodeos and state and county fairs, many of which have their roots reaching back almost one thousand years. In New Mexico, USA, we deeply value and sustain family culture. Your family and culture will find a place to grow and thrive here, as well.

When the sun is shining, as families, we enjoy the outdoors at farmer’s markets, at parks picnicking and at outdoor concerts. We enjoy sporting events, fishing, camping, playing, riding bikes, and swimming. Our families are large, multi-generational families. It is customary in the Hispanic and Native American communities to have grandparents take care of, and even rear, their grandchildren.

Education is very important in New Mexico, USA. As an EB-5 Immigrant Investor, your children will be eligible to attend any of our schools. Some of the educational opportunities available are:

  • Public schools
  • Charter schools (Public schools but many of them have specialized curricula such as arts, science, and engineering
  • Family school (These schools allow the parents to actively participate in their child’s education)
  • International Baccalaureate Public Schools
  • Private schools
  • Christian schools
  • Catholic schools
  • College preparatory schools
  • Public Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) schools
  • Universities, colleges, and trade schools with branches all over the state.

Our families stay close and do not need to leave the state to fulfill their academic goals.

As an EB-5 Immigrant Investor with investUS, you and your family will learn that in New Mexico, USA, we value our families. Together, we live and work in harmony with our environment and we place a high value on our cultural and family traditions that have evolved over many generations. Welcome to the American family.


America is a living, thriving, evolving idea. We are people from around the globe who have come together to live a free, prosperous, multicultural life in the extraordinary place and purpose that is New Mexico, USA. Together, we can help you live this American dream.


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