The spirit and innovation that created America is also what continues to sustain her. Live the dream through the investUS™ EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program in New Mexico, USA.


Petroglyph National Monument – 17 miles along the Albuquerque, New Mexico West Mesa.



spirit and innovation

Unless you’ve lived here, or know someone who has, you probably didn’t know that the state of New Mexico, USA, is a very special and well kept American secret. Often overused in modern culture, the words spirit and innovation aptly speak to our diverse population and extraordinarily beautiful state. Through investUS™ and our EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, you’ll understand why we rarely find ourselves in the limelight. Why we’re not trying to be the biggest, the trendiest, or the most populace. It’s because we find that these pursuits come at too high a price. So we’ve taken a different path, one rooted in a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

You’ll realize the spirit and innovation that created America is also what continues to sustain her. Through investUS, bring your family to the state of New Mexico where nature, beauty and natural wonders can be experienced every day. Into a community of people and businesses who are making life-changing discoveries and developing new frontier technologies. Where living within driving distance of the second largest art market in the world and enjoying our world class Philharmonic can be experienced living under a sky that inspires and light that transforms. New Mexico, USA, is a purpose and place where you can actually live your American dream.

In our state, spirit comes from the native peoples whose tribal tradition tells us have lived in New Mexico for some 2000 years. Pueblos and Reservations, some of the oldest inhabited multi-generational communities in the United States, dot our beautiful Southwest landscape as legacy to deeply spiritual native communities living with the strength to endure and will to thrive. It is this life force that inspires visitors to stay and form roots in New Mexico, USA, Land of Enchantment and “a place that always was.”

Innovation means taking the road less traveled. It means discovering new ways to integrate your beliefs and passions into a Southwest landscape – a life of work and play, business and family, creativity, productivity and your personal spirituality. A life that comes with a feeling of overall well-being and personal satisfaction. The investUS EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is your path to this American dream in New Mexico, USA.

America is a living, thriving, evolving idea. We are people from around the globe who have come together to live a free, prosperous, multicultural life in the extraordinary place and purpose that is New Mexico, USA. Together, we can help you live this American dream.


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